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Firstly I would like to recommend a couple of books that are superb at helping you improve at olympiad type problems.

A Mathematical Olympiad Primer by Geoff Smith.

The Mathematical Olympiad Handbook by A. Gardner.

Initially these problems can seem impossible, but with perseverance you can improve at them. I did dreadfully in the BMO1 when I took it at school, but I can now do the majority of the questions they throw at you. (Alas I still find BMO2 beyond my abilities. I would wager that you could give me the rest of my life to solve question one from the 2010 paper and I would still not be able to do it!) Everyone gets stuck at some point or other on a problem. It's how you approach these difficulties that matters.

It can be argued that you only really learn anything from the times you get stuck.

Secondly you can find the British Maths Olympiad here with all the past papers, but without answers unfortunately. The UKMT provides some cheap booklets with BMO problems and solutions from previous years. I can also recommend the UKMT yearbooks which provide all the Olympiad probems and answers with discussions.

BMO1 1993   BMO2 1993
BMO1 1994   BMO2 1994
BMO1 1995   BMO2 1995
BMO1 1996   BMO2 1996
BMO1 1997   BMO2 1997
BMO1 1998   BMO2 1998
BMO1 1999   BMO2 1999
BMO1 2000   BMO2 2000
BMO1 2001   BMO2 2001
BMO1 2001   BMO2 2002
BMO1 2002   BMO2 2003
BMO1 2003   BMO2 2004
BMO1 2004   BMO2 2005
BMO1 2005   BMO2 2006
BMO1 2006   BMO2 2007
BMO1 2007   BMO2 2008
BMO1 2008   BMO2 2009
BMO1 2009   BMO2 2010
BMO1 2010   BMO2 2011
BMO1 2011   BMO2 2012
BMO1 2012   BMO2 2013
BMO1 2013   BMO2 2014
BMO1 2014   BMO2 2015
BMO1 2015   BMO2 2016
BMO1 2016   BMO2 2017
BMO1 2017   BMO2 2018
BMO1 2018   BMO2 2019
BMO1 2019   BMO2 2020
BMO1 2020   (Covid Year(!))

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