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Over the course of my teaching career I have written various revision sheets for my students at both of the schools I have taught at. I don't agree with the philosophy of cramming close to the exam, but students will be students, and I wanted mine to have a document that they could refer to the night before to ensure that they knew all the required information for the exam.

At my previous school I wrote the following revision sheets for the EdExcel modular GCSE course. The whole course was covered for the Higher Tier and some of the OLD intermediate tier. I assume that the modular course has the same syllabus as the terminal exam GCSE. If you think anything is very poorly explained, incomplete or (worse) wrong, please drop me a note to let me know.

They are written for the specified exam board, but they should be useful for any board but the user must beware and use at their own risk.

Higher Tier

EdExcel Stage 1 Revision Sheet
EdExcel Stage 2 Revision Sheet

EdExcel Stage 3 Revision Sheet

Quadratics Summary Sheet
Sequences Summary Sheet
(includes quadratic sequences not on GCSE syllabus)
Trial & Improvement Summary Sheet

Intermediate Tier
EdExcel Stage 1 Revision Sheet
EdExcel Stage 2 Revision Sheet

[ Statistics GCSE

I also wrote the following for EdExcel Statistics GCSE but never got round to finishing it... it's got some useful stuff in it, but I couldn't stand to finish it because the course is sooooo mind numbingly tedious. Thank goodness my current school doesn't do it. Despite what is says on the first page please do not email questions about GCSE Stats... anything else, but not GCSE Stats. I still have sleepless nights remembering having to teach 'RPI's, 'Weighted Index Numbers', the 'Petersen Capture/Recapture Method' and other meaningless junk to clutter up the minds of our nation's youth. You can rest assured that Statistics does get quite a lot better at A Level.

EdExcel Statistics GCSE Revision Sheet (incomplete) ]